Monday, February 18, 2008

80s Movie Elements Pt 1

So here they are, the first two Elements in the Great 80s Movie Elements List of Elements that make a Great 80s Movie.

Maybe all movies from now on should have an EITG80MELOETMAG80M score depending on how many elements they have and how much time you have on your hands...

Need no real explanation. Hero is crap at something. With a thumping soundtrack and a few innovative training routines he become a superman in about three days.

Actually you can have a montage about anything, especially building wacky machines, but this is the best type and deserves its own category.

Examples: Karate Kid, Rocky.

Our hero is getting a wholesale behind-of-the-hand ass whuppin’ from some enormous neanderthal. About to give up when he catches the eye of his adoring girlfriend / the girl he fancies, who has just arrived. Comes ‘back from the dead’ to win heroically.

Variant: Echoed voice of dead master / “Do it for little Jimmy”/ “I will avenge the death of my father” etc.
Example: Rocky, Karate Kid, Star Wars

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