Thursday, March 13, 2008

80s Movie Elements Pt 3

AEROBICS Mmmmmmmm…lycra Example: Perfect

SPONTANEOUS CLAPPING SCENE Something happens in a public place (proposal / punching an asshole who’s pissed everyone off / Saving a kid from a man eating ferret) and all the good ornery folk on the metro / rubbernecking in the street, break into spontaneously joyful applause.  Example: Coming to America (Akeem proposes to Lisa on the Metro)

PUNTING The most heroic of all 80s moments. A struggling actor is given one line (usually for comic effect) and put all his heart and soul into its delivery knowing he may never get another chance at glory. Especially good on submarines/during war. Example: Trading Places – Ridiculously volatile cop: ‘Strip you little pussy before I tear you a new ass-hole!'

Variant: DRUNKEN REDEMPTION Deserves its own subset. Drunken bum witnesses some crazy event then decides to go straight. Usually looks at the bottle as if to say – “wow I’ve been drinking so much of this shit I’ve started to seeing little goblins”, before tossing it away. Because alcohol make you hallucinate. Really. Example: Gremlins

Variant: CELEB CAMEO – Often involving Hulk Hogan / Mr T.  Example: Crocodile Dundee 3 (Mike Tyson), Blues Bros. (Bo Diddley et al.)

Variant: CONVERSATION MIDDLE ENTRY: (aka ‘And She Stepped On The Ball…’) Where the scene is entered in the middle of a conversation just as someone is saying something surreal. Often the punchline of a joke. Example: Trading Places - Squash club scene. “…And she stepped on the ball!”