Wednesday, February 20, 2008

80s Movie Elements Pt 2


There’s usually some frumpy/geeky type girl whose heaving bosom is concealed beneath the oversized dungarees that used to belong to her dad/retarded brother. Ideally her mom has left them somehow (often dead) leaving the clueless dad to try and handle her pubescent raging hormones and ‘women’s business’ with hilariously touching results.

The ugly duckling gets done-up like a cheap whore to go to the prom, so that the high school quaterback, pre-saging his future as an alcoholic travelling saleman drinking himself into a stupor in $2 stripclubs, will decide that she’s the woman of his dreams. The hilarious thing is that she had absolutely no idea that she actually had the body of a stripper and all she had to do was lose her glasses! Who gives a toss about inner beauty when she’s got a rack like that…?

Variant: Other versions include the pretty girl with a good heart who, for reasons best known to herself, has decided to go out with some meatheaded thug (nearly always called ‘Chet’ or ‘Brad’) who is also usually the quarterback for the high school football team. Our hero (ideally her childhood sweetheart) has to prove to her that his love/intelligence is more attractive than Chet’s money/looks/brawn. Usually involves him growing some cojones and thumping someone, thereby negating the whole positive message.

Example: Back to the Future.


A bunch of freaks and weirdos, each ideally with special (and not at first obviously uselful) skills, come together into a kind of superhuman army, forged in the fires of team spirit and the triumph of human will.

They then defeat the über-team of the enemy mastermind (characterised by their Aryan looks and matching uniforms).

Examples: Street Fleet, Police Academy

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