Friday, February 08, 2008

And they're off. Up and running.

I guess I should explain what the hell is going on here.

I am Producer (read idiot, broke) in the UK Film industry. If you can call it that.
It's an industry in the the way the Bridlington-under-Lyme Women's Institute Annual Summer Fete can be called a Jam Industry: a lot of well intentioned people producing some pretty tasty stuff with no real clue of how to make anyone outside the Women's Institue, their friends and family, buy it.

I go through a lot of crap on an almost hourly basis and need some cathartic expression for my boiling rage so here it is.

We'll learn more about each other as we go along. This is the honeymoon period. I'm keeping my bad habits under wraps.

I'm developing a bunch of movies and some TV so there's plenty of things to go wrong, believe me.

Come to think if it I should have called this blog 'Schadenfreude'.

You have been warned.